Training &


My goal is to enhance the relationship between dog and handler; specializing in companion/pet homes, rescue dogs, new puppies.

Border Collies, being the most intelligent breed often develop unwanted behaviors and quirks. They're problem solvers and thinkers with the rationale of a 7 year old child. Intelligence can be their best quality but can also be their worst. My training/consulting services can help recognize new behaviors and change the course of the unwanted behaviors before they become habitual.


I have a long history of working with a variety of breeds, both large and small. My specialty is Border Collies, but I have gained an understanding of the different motivations within each breed and how to best encourage good behavior with effective and appropriate rewards.

Professional experience:

  • 40 years breeding and raising border collies
  • 26 years as owner/operator of a dog grooming business
  • 20 years competing in sheep dog trials and caring for my own flock
  • 15 years training dogs for agility, fly-ball, frisbee, and more

Appointments are made by phone, text or email. Each session consists of a 30 minute phone call where you can discuss any issues you are having with your dog. I recommend you make a list and prioritize the issues you'd like to work on. Sessions are $35. In some cases you may want to video your dog prior to your appointment so I can preview the video ahead of time, allowing more time for discussion.

Get in touch before unwanted behavior becomes habitual. The first time is a mistake, the second time is a tendency, the third time is a habit. The earlier you work to curb the behavior, the easier and quicker it will resolve.