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Four decades of experience in selecting high-quality traits make EyeSpy Border Collies among the most trainable and well-adjusted dogs in the world.

EyeSpy Border Collies follows the breeding protocol of TheAmerican Border Collie Association




Variation breeds unique character

While border collies may be defined by certain characteristics they are anything but standard. The differences can be boundless, even before considering personality and working style. However one thing they all share is the drive and focus to accomplish whatever they set their sights on. Whether moving a herd/flock to new grazing pastures; playing ball at the park; exploring the great outdoors or commuting to the city; their approach to each task is one of dedication and excellence.

What makes border collies so great isn't that they all run fast or jump high, though they often do. What makes them so special is how they overcome their own limitations to accomplish their task. Border collies are problem solvers, they have an innate instinct for working stock, they are highly intelligent, and these are the standards EyeSpy Border Collies breeds for.




Structurally sound dogs with heathy physical stature

EyeSpy dogs are matched for compatibility based on overall size and body type. Our dogs are never bred for color or appearance. Our goal is to produce structurally sound puppies by matching dogs with complimentary body types.

EyeSpy prefers slightly smaller dogs than most breeders as we believe this leads to healthier outcomes, particularly bone and joint health and general dexterity as your dog ages.

Berndale Joe




EyeSpy Border Collies breeds exclusively from working lines

Puppy working sheep

EyeSpy dogs are not bred to pull sleds, catch frisbees, win confirmation titles, or star in television shows, movies, or commercial tv ads. They excel in all these areas because they are selected for their unique intelligence and stock sense. And it is the adherence to this ancient selection process that preserves the border collie traits so sought after by dog enthusiasts.

Dog working sheep

At Sauk Mountain Farm every dog has the opportunity to work; because we know it's their specialized ability to work stock, solve problems on-the-fly, and make split second decisions that sets them apart from all other breeds.

DNA double helix




EyeSpy Border Collies adheres to a strict practice for screening genetic defects, and avoids breeding based on appearance, or any other traits that could result in a negative outcome for the breed.

Genetic screening for the following abnormalities:

CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly):

Inherited DNA mutation effected the retina and choroid that can lead to vision loss and total blindness in one or both eyes.

PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy):

Degenerative disease of the photoreceptors leading to blindness, either early (2-3 months, also known as retinol dysplasia), or later (3-9 years).

TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome):

An increase in the production of white cells within the the bone marrow and the inability to release them into to the bloodstream leads to an impaired immune system and eventually death.

SN (Sensory Neuropathy):

A degenerative neurologic disorder affecting sensory and motor nerve cells.

MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance 1):

A gene mutation increasing the chances of negative side effects from certain medications.

IGS (Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption):

Disorder impairing the absorption of vitamin B12, also known as Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome.

EAOD (Early Onset Adult Deafness):

Gene variant likely responsible for inner ear hair cell degradation in puppies between 4 to 24 months, and dogs between 3 to 7 years old.




Dogs bred with impeccable temperament

The most important characteristic of a border collies' personality; crucial in forging the enduring bond between dog and handle. A dog's temperament will affect how they learn, socialize, perform under stress, and shape nearly aspects of their character.


Secure in their abilities with a sense of self-assurance and a presence that exudes accomplishment. Always looking for a new challenges, or expanding their capacity to perform at a top level.


Alert and ready for instruction; dogs that can read your mood and sense when it's time to play, work, or relax.

Reacting to each challenge with a resolute and steady effort.

Dogs that know when to lead, follow, or get out of the way.


Casey the border collie wearing a pair of blue croc sandals

Dogs that seek out companionship and take active roles in engaging both one on one, or in group settings. They know the real joy in life is measured in the friends we make along the way.


Sprightly, and focused, border collies are the true “thinking” breed, which means they are vigorous problem solvers. Whether motionless gazing out an open window, or sprinting full speed in hot pursuit, they are always working through the best solution to the task at hand.

EyeSpy Luna


It's all about striking the right balance. Not too assertive, but never shying away from a challenge. Meeting each obstacle with appropriate effort; measured and steady in action.



Consistent actions and predicable behavior. A trust that is created from a routine of commitment, and solidified though compassion and respect. Dogs that never miss the chance to show gratitude.


Maybe not the first word to come to mind, but a well rounded personality includes the ability to be still and collected. Dogs that satisfy all other traits on the temperament list will undoubtedly possess a quiet and even tranquil demeanor when between activities.