Wingin It Goose Control
Goose control dog "Mink" looks out at Lake Washington

Goose Control Services

Trained Goose Dogs

Our dogs are trained on a variety of stock including sheep, ducks and geese. They work along side their handlers or can be sent from a distance to gather or scare off geese and birds. 'Lie down' and 'wait' commands are essential when working around large numbers of people or congested urban areas. Dogs are also taught to ride in cars and on various types of equipment.

On-site removal

After meeting with you and creating a detailed proposal highlighting cost and frequency of service required for your specific needs, a handler and goose control dog make regular visits to your property and patrol for geese and other wild fowl. These programs can last for months or longer to ensure the clients demands are met. Visits typically occur more frequently at the start of the program, and are reduced as fewer geese are recorded at the property.


Meet with one of our specialist to discuss how to best deter geese from gathering at your property. Get advice on: landscaping and fence placement for optimal effect; motion sensor camera traps to track bird activity and flock size; how to implement your own goose control program with the use of a trained border collie.

Dogs In Action

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Barking News!!!

Border collies protecting parks from goose poop

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