Eye Spy Border Collies

Breeding High Quality Border Collies

Since 1984

Bred for intelligence, temperament, and working ability, our dogs excel at the highest level of competitive sports and are ready to be trusted additions to your family.

Luna the border collie
Eye Spy Puppies

All EyeSpy puppies are bred from working lines.

High drive

Easy to train

Even temperament

Healthy structure

Genetic screening

A black and white rough coat eight week old border collie puppy
EyeSpy Rex

Border Collies

The premier working dog, unmatched in both intelligence and ability, learn what makes border collies so special, and what to expect when choosing the newest addition to your family.

Sauk Mountain Farm

Sauk Mountain Farm

A 20-acre working sheep farm located in western Washington, in the foothills of the North Cascade mountains. Home base for EyeSpy Border Collies, sheep, geese and ducks, a few cats, and even a horse.

Goose Control

Wingin' It Goose Control

Providing services for the humane removal of Canada geese and other nuisance birds. Purchase trained goose dogs, on-site patrols, and consulting for all property types!

A Breed Above
Cali the border collie

Meet the smartest dogs in the world

For over 38 years, we've been producing agile, intelligent and highly trainable dogs. We have created the optimal range of temperaments to meet all needs: from working search and rescue, or winning a national title, to being an all-around loving companion. Find out more about what makes EyeSpy dogs so special!

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Sauk Mountain Farm is located in Skagit Valley Washington, at the foothills of the North Cascade mountains along the Skagit River and just east of Sauk Mountain

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Image: The Milky Way rises over the barn at Sauk Mountain Farm